Welcome Friends!

Hope Chest I’m so excited that you’ve decided to visit me here at the place I’d like to call The Hope Chest. Why? Because that’s what my writing ministry is all about: hope. Hope chests were originally used for royalty and represented a young girl’s hope for her future. Throughout her teenage years, she would fill it with gifts she received for her future home.

Well, I pray that my home on the web, like my books, would be your source of strength and light along your path to becoming all that God intended as you prepare for your eternal home, and that the God of hope would fill you with all joy and peace.

I love to write stories that not only entertain you, but encourage you to trust God and believe that He who promised is faithful. Stories that have the ability to take you away from the craziness of this world to a place of rest in a real God who is able to heal you anywhere you hurt.

I invite you to come along with me on a momentary escape into the lives of my fictional friends who seek refuge in the unmovable anchor that is God’s Word in times of storm, and I pray that you will return to your own inspired, uplifted, and encouraged to hold your hope. Just take hold of one of His promises, take Him at His word, and experience His goodness for yourself.

While you’re here, grab a cup of tea and chat with me…on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or E-mail. Thanks for stopping by!

On His Time, In His Name, For His Glory,